About Us

Thank you very much for visiting our professional online store,  www.tusktee.com

We are located in the center of the garment district in Los Angeles, California. Our mission is to provide high quality clothing such as discharged t-shirts, silicone treated t-shirt, sublimation t-shirts and high quality hoodies for all. Most of the shirts we provide you are made with high quality control and are made by long time experienced and skilled garment workers.

You can be confident of our quality and price. We always push ourselves to provide you with the best quality, price and service for your 100% satisfaction. We have strong confidence that the shopping experience at tusktee.com will be enjoyable and memorable.


Our sincere commitments are:

We will always provide you the highest quality t-shirts for your needs and occasions.

We will always provide you with the lowest price possible straight from our factory due to us having a low overhead and low wage burdens.

We have 95% of our inventory ready. Most of the time, we will ship the ordered merchandise in two business days. If the item you ordered is not available in our stock at that time, we will call or e-mail you immediately after your order has been processed. After that, we will suggest very similar products to what you ordered selected personally by our customer care professionals. If you do not wish to have any substitute garments, we will immediately cancel your order and refund the full amount you paid. We offer you a 100% satisfaction guaranty. Our trained professional customer service representatives will promptly respond to your request and concerns immediately or in 24 hours.

3130 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 290
Los Angeles, CA 90006

All questions and return, please send e-mail with your order ID, Name, Date, and Product Details:
tusktee@gmail.com or young@tusktee.com